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Welcome to Asian Choice Cuisines!
Monty & Totco has more than 30 years of experience in the art and science of Asian cuisines and food products. This expertise has stimulated our creative team to develop four ranges of Asian food products reflecting the best tasting and most healthful cuisines of Asia including: These four brands present cuisines that are art forms and are surely among the most highly developed and refined cookery in the world.

Asian Food Products - Asian Food Recipes
Monty & Totco, a food product supplier and wholesaler, has developed this website to attract and offer its Asian food products to any and all retailers looking to expand their food product line.

Our website serves two purposes, the first, provides you our potential client, with a list of Asian food products in four distinct and recognised brands, complete with product information and details.

And the second, for your consumers , as a resource to aide them in using our products by offerring them easy to follow Asian cuisine recipes to help them prepare succulant Asian dishes.

Visit each section to find products and details of each of our Asian food ranges now on offer, as well as Thai food recipes, Japanese food recipes, Vietnamese food recipes, and Chinese food recipes. Please check back with us periodically as we continually develop new products in each range that will expand your culinary horizons and exceed your highest expectations.

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