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Welcome to Asian Choice Cuisines!
Welcome to Asian Choice Cuisine Explore the Richness of Authentic Asian Flavors At Asian Choice, we bring you a world of flavors under one roof. Our passion for authentic Asian cuisine is reflected through our specialized brands: Thai-Choice, Japanese Choice, Vietnamese Choice, and Choice. Each brand is dedicated to capturing the essence of its respective culture and culinary traditions. Thai-Choice: Experience the vibrant spices and unique combinations that make Thai cuisine a worldwide favorite. From street food staples to royal delicacies, our menu is a journey through Thailand. Japanese Choice: Savor the meticulousness and minimalistic beauty of Japanese cuisine. Our dishes, from sushi to ramen, are crafted with precision and authentic ingredients. Vietnamese Choice: Dive into the fresh, aromatic world of Vietnamese cuisine with our selection of pho, banh mi, and more, each offering a burst of distinctive flavors. Choice: Our newest addition, offering a fusion of flavors from across Asia. Perfect for the adventurous eater looking to explore new and exciting taste combinations. Join us on a Culinary Journey! Embark on a taste adventure with Asian Choice Cuisine and discover the rich flavors that Asia has to offer. Whether you crave the comforting warmth of a Thai curry or the bold zest of a Vietnamese roll, our collection of brands is here to satisfy your desires with authenticity at every turn. Discover Your Favorite Flavor Today! [Explore Our Menu] [Find a Location Near You] [Order Online] Feel free to adjust the tone and content according to your brand's voice and objectives. What do you think? Choice" to integrate into your landing page: Korean Choice: Immerse yourself in the depth of Korean flavors with our selection of traditional and modern dishes. From the sizzling delights of Korean BBQ to the comforting warmth of bibimbap, our offerings are crafted to bring you an authentic taste of Korea's culinary heritage. You can add this section to the existing content of the landing page to showcase the Korean cuisine offerings under the Asian Choice umbrella. Does this work for your needs? For 2025, food trends are leaning towards a more moderate enjoyment of food, emphasizing both health and pleasure. People are looking for balanced ways to enjoy food that still allow for indulgence, reflecting a broader shift towards what some call a "sober society" [”] Convenience remains key, with an expected rise in healthy, convenient food options that align with busy lifestyles. Meal kits like HelloFresh are popular examples of this trend [”]. Protein sources are diversifying with a growing acceptance of plant-based options alongside traditional meats. This shift is largely driven by health and environmental concerns, leading to the rise of lab-grown meats and increased popularity of plant- based proteins [”]. Additionally, food is increasingly viewed as functional, offering benefits beyond basic nutrition. There's a growing interest in foods that can enhance mood, beauty, and overall well-being [”]. The trend towards bold and unconventional flavor combinations continues, with a mix of global influences and a focus on wellness-oriented offerings. Expect to see unique pairings like smoked vanilla ice cream with sea salt or spicy and savory cocktails gaining popularity [”]. These trends showcase a dynamic shift in the food industry, reflecting changing consumer preferences towards health, convenience, and unique culinary experiences.
Monty & Totco has more than 30 years of experience in the art and science of Asian cuisines and food products. This expertise has stimulated our creative team to develop four ranges of Asian food products reflecting the best tasting and most healthful cuisines of Asia including: These four brands present cuisines that are art forms and are surely among the most highly developed and refined cookery in the world.

Asian Food Products - Asian Food Recipes
Monty & Totco, a food product supplier and wholesaler, has developed this website to attract and offer its Asian food products to any and all retailers looking to expand their food product line.

Our website serves two purposes, the first, provides you our potential client, with a list of Asian food products in four distinct and recognised brands, complete with product information and details.

And the second, for your consumers , as a resource to aide them in using our products by offerring them easy to follow Asian cuisine recipes to help them prepare succulant Asian dishes.

Visit each section to find products and details of each of our Asian food ranges now on offer, as well as Thai food recipes, Japanese food recipes, Vietnamese food recipes, and Chinese food recipes. Please check back with us periodically as we continually develop new products in each range that will expand your culinary horizons and exceed your highest expectations.

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