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Monty & Totco Company, Ltd
Monty & Totco Company, Ltd is a privately held firm based in Bangkok, Thailand providing manufactured food products to customers worldwide. The company was established in 1995 through the incorporation of two existing companies: Monty International Co., Ltd. and Thai Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. These two companies have over 10 years of trading experience.

The management of Monty & Totco Company, Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and exporting food products and pharmaceuticals. Principle shareholders of the company also provide extensive experience in manufacture and export of consumable products and regularly provide advice and guidance to the company management.

Monty & Totco Company, Ltd’s staff are from several national backgrounds including France, Taiwan, USA and of course Thailand. English is spoken by all our staff and among our staff we have fluency in Thai, French, Mandarin and Cantonese. Monty & Totco Company, Ltd’s staff continually upgrade their skills through courses, in-house training and self-improvement activities with objectives of always improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our staff's motto is, "Customer’s satisfaction is our most important product."

Since its inception Monty & Totco Company, Ltd has been exporting authentic Thai cuisine, under the Kam Heung brand, to Hong Kong and US oriental markets. In addition to the already existing Kam Heung product line of fragrant rice, fish sauce, chicken powder, and instant rice noodles, Monty & Totco Company, Ltd have developed more than 100 other food products and are exporting all of them currently. The original two brands of the company are the Monty brand and Tutu’s brand. Other brands handled by the company include Joe Fish and the premium brand Thai-Choice. Monty & Totco Company, Ltd food product are also produced under the private brands of principle customers internationally.

Today Monty & Totco Company, Ltd is redefining itself. Three new brands were developed and added to their repertoire. These three brands, Japanese Choice, Vietnamese Choice and Kam Thai Choice, now join the already popular Thai Choice under the umbrella of Asian Choice Cuisines. The subsequent expansion resulted in greater exposure to world wide markets. Monty & Totco Company, Ltd is now truly and Asian food product supplier.
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