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Vietnamese Flag

the vietnamese flag The description of Vietnamese Flag is as follows:
The red base: represents blood spilt during the country's fight for independence.
The star : represents Vietnam's unity
The points on the star: represent the union of the workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and young people working together in building socialism.

Vietnamese Values

vietnamese values The Vietnamese value system is based on four basic tenets:
  • allegiance to the family
  • yearning for a good name
  • love of learning
  • respect for other people
These tenets are closely interrelated.

Vietnamese Clothes

Vietnamese Clothes The Vietnamese traditional dress, "Áo Dài", is one of the most
elegant and beautiful dresses for women. It’s very simple,
consisting of a close-fitting blouse, with long panels in the
front and back, that is worn over loose white trousers.

Vietnamese Traditional Music

Vietnamese Traditional Music In Vietnam, music is used to express innermost feelings and encourage Vietnamese while working. Furthermore, music is also a tangible mean of communication between Vietnamese people.

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